I believe that the largest influencing factor in our existence is time; it is imaginary but it affects everything without us always being aware of it. Time helps us to organise, as rhythm in our life. We search for certainty in everything we do; we have therefor difficulties coping with uncertainty, hence our struggle to also cope with change. We are not aware that change takes place continuously; we are more focussed on the significant (revolutionary) changes. However, our life changes continuously (evolutionary) as the circumstances change all the time. You could therefore say that change itself is moving. Being aware of this change movement is the challenge.
Chronosthesia is a mental mind travel in which the past exists in the present as an awareness of having been, and the future as a state of anticipation. I my view the first quarter of our physical lifetime consists of generation (growth) and the rest of our life concerns de-generation (decay) of that growth. Our mental growth path is much longer, largely determined by increasing experience, but also mental de-generation has ultimately the overhand. This means that in the first part of our lives, experiencing the present is strongly influenced by the anticipation of the future, whilst in the rest of our lives the influence of the past in the present, becomes stronger. Our view is therefor coloured by the balance of past, present and future, making it an evolutionary qualitative experience.
Besides the continuous change and the influence of the past and future in our thinking, I believe there is also an interaction between time and space. As a visual artist I use the balance of color and black & white. Black & white focusses on contrast; it shows the absolute values with clear boundaries. It is a helicopter view of the time consequence. Color however shows more of the content with focus on detailed interaction. It enlarges the sensitive relationship between time and space; they are imaginary but not unreal. 
In Chronosthesia my work concentrates around visualising movement, sensing influences and the interaction of colours. It questions the relativity of time in emotions, degradation and  imagination. I try to make an image of the twilight zone within time.

Rob van Doorn

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